Apache's AutoIndex pages are ugly. I wrote a small extension for Chrome to detect them and introduce their design and functionality to the 21st century, no server-side changes required. Download it here.

AutoIndexBeautifier Designs

University of Cumbria Student Hub

I worked with the IT Services department at the University of Cumbria to help design and test their new "Student Hub" website and mobile application.

University Of Cumbria Student Hub Designs

World Sightseer

Built from the same codebase as Trend Cartographer, World Sightseer allows users to log in with their Google Account, track their travels on a world map, and download their map to share. Give it a try!

World Sightseer Designs

Trend Cartographer

Trend Cartographer is a mapping tool for worldwide Twitter trends, offering data on the top trending topics by country. Built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript and utilising the Twitter API. See it here!

Trend Cartographer Designs


ServerStatus is a modular status monitor for Linux based servers, built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript, offering at-a-glance information regarding server resource usage. View on GitHub!

ServerStatus Designs


ReactionTime is a basic reaction timer, built in an afternoon with HTML, CSS, and JQuery. Take a look!

ReactionTi.me Designs

Skyscraper Scroller

Skyscraper Scroller is an 830 metre tall website, the height of the Burj Khalifa. It allows you to scroll all the way down the world's tallest building. Have a go!

Skyscraper Scroller Designs


PiClock was a fully functional smart alarm clock built with a Raspberry Pi as my A-Level personal project back in 2013. The backend was built with Python and PHP, utilising the Google Calendar API. The web interface was used to set up the clock, and to set and remove alarms.

PiClock Designs