About Me

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I'm currently working at Sell Your Products Online, where I work alongside an experienced team creating brochure sites, e-commerce stores and bespoke web applications. I also occasionally take on freelance Web Development and Tech Support work.

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Joined the Management Committee of Chestnut Community Events

I was nominated to become a member of the Management Committee of Chestnut Community Events, which was a huge honour for me, and is a position from which I hope to be able to effectively guide the digital strategies of the charity for the future.

November 2017
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Graduated from University

I graduated from the University of Cumbria with a First Class BSc(Hons) in Business Entrepreneurship and Computing Innovations.

July 2017
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Began Working at SYPO

I began a position as a Web Developer at Sell Your Products Online in Kendal, initially part-time while completing my degree.

Jan 2017
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Began Working with Chestnut Community Events

I volunteer for and work with a local charity called Chestnut Community Events to provide solutions to their IT challenges, and to maintain and develop their website.

September 2016
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Began Working at University of Cumbria

I worked with the IT Services team at the University of Cumbria over a period of three months, helping to design and test the new "Student Hub" website and mobile application, a new Single Sign-On portal to provide easier access to all the online services offered by the university.

June 2016
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Finished School

I completed my studies at Kirkbie Kendal School, achieving A-Levels in Business, Computing, and ICT, enabling me to move on to a BSc programme at the University of Cumbria studying the same subjects.

July 2014
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Began Freelancing

I began working as a Freelance Web Designer, Developer, and Tech Supporter, including ongoing work for businesses and charities in and around Kendal.

November 2013
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First Introduced to Web Development

As part of a Diploma in Digital Applications achieved while completing GCSE's at Kirkbie Kendal School, I was introduced to the topic of web design and development, creating a foundation upon which I was able to independently build further knowledge on the subject.

September 2011